Chara hayami
Kanji 早見
Rōmaji Hayami
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Occupation Executive of Amagi Corp.
Affiliation Amagi Corp.
Anime Debut Episode 2

Hayami is an executive in Amagi Corp. and the assistant to Seizou.


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Personality Edit

Hayami supports Kouga's actions as Alphas to the fullest, though it was revealed that he only did it to distance Kouga from taking over Amagi Corp. However, Kouga's way of thinking as Alphas always tends to give him a headache when they mess up his plans.

Plot Edit

After the incident with Jirou, he told Seizou that they should allow Mayu to live, as she was the only person Kouga was able to save, serving as a "trophy" of his success. However, he agreed to have her memories of the incident erased. When the Amagi mansion was blown up, he was ordered by Seizou to arrest Jin, to which he agrees to. However, he and the strike force he brought with him were quickly, but non-fatally, dispatched by a semi-transformed Jin. Soon afterwards, it was believed by Seizou that under the alias of "Katou," Hayami plotted the Amagi clan's downfall leading to the incident with Jirou. Seizou then used a machine to search Hayami's memories to prove this, leaving Hayami in a vegetative state. However, he was brought back by an unknown individual, revealing to Kouga that though he isn't "Katou," he was in league with him in a plan to bring down the Amagi clan, which would allow Hayami to take position as the new C.E.O. of Amagi Corp.. Soon after his revelation to Kouga, he injects him with one of the insects made by a clone of Ichirou, in order for Kouga's body to reach superhuman levels and help him achieve his agenda. Afterwards, he, Seiji and Suzuki ("Katou") launched a terrorist attack on a New Year's Eve party that Seizou was hosting, in an attempt to make Seizou confess to all the injustices that he committed on film.