The third Player to appear.


Originally a human child, Ichiro was the son of Jiro Nakata. He and his mother were the only ones that Jiro has ever cared for. He was murdered in a hit and run, and his corpse was placed in the sealed laboratory with his father for sixteen years. While trapped, Jiro revived him by being turning him into a player. When they were freed, the sudden exposure to sunlight mutated his body into an insect/humanoid form. His father eventually decides to take revenge against Amagi Corp. through Kouga, but after realizing his father is evil, he rebels by using his power to rescue Mayu from the Kouga doubles and setting their laboratory to self-destruct. As the laboratory was falling apart, he used his powers to take control of his father and commit assited suicide, not wanting his powers to be used to kill any more innocent people. It is implied that he and his father both went to heaven when they died. During the assult on Amagi Corp., Hayami reveals that he created an exact clone of Ichirou, intending to use his power to enhance Kouga's body.

As a player, he is capable of using a special kind of bug to take control of people, and make them say what he wants. This power also allows him to "read" the hearts of those he controls.