Konoha Amagi
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Kanji 天城 小葉
Rōmaji Amagi Konoha
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Family Kouga Amagi (brother) Seizou Amagi (father) Mitsugai Amagi (grandfather) Youko Amagi (Mother)
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 1

Konoha Amagi is the daughter to the Amagi Corp's president and the sister of Kouga Amagi.


1328764220 konoha girl

Young Konoha


(Manga) Konoha is a shy kind hearted-girl. She is smart and doesn't like violence. She has a strong urge to help people and shows this through her charitable acts.


(Manga) Konoha is a girl who has known Jin Kanzaki since they were children and harbors feelings for him.
1326268800 konoha swim1

Konoha in swimsuit

Despite this, she never dared to tell him. They originally met in an encounter with a purse-snatcher while Jin was living with Gorou Kanzaki. They have been friends since then.



Konoha is in love with Jin and seems to dislike the fact that they are only friends. She has a good relation with her mother and more or less with her brother Kouga. Due to a scene where her grandfather hit her mother when she was a kid, she lives in fear of him.